TABLE is a stylised interpretation of a table at the end of a meal, representing a moment - or an interruption - in time in which individuals come together. The pieces are abstracted from the vessels left on the table, where the activity of eating is done but the meal is not yet over and the rituals of conversation (or communion) are still at play: it is as if the flow of time is paused and a snapshot is taken. Drawing on the traditions of still life and silversmithing, the objects are made from mixed metals: patinated copper, brass, nickel silver, steel and silver. They are characterised by the matt finish, clean lines and minimalist forms that typify my work. This piece presents the table as a threshold at which our tangible and intangible experiences of living in the world meet for a moment: where a landscape that incorporates the participants, their thoughts, emotions and experiences is created alongside the objects and the layers of symbolism in which the table-as-landscape is wrapped.

Table was commissioned for, and winner of, Collect Open 2018, part of Collect, the Craft Council's International Fair for Contemporary Objects. It was generously funded with a grant from Arts Council England Grants for the Arts Programme.

2.5m x 1.2m x 1.5m, mixed metals and Richlite, 2018, Unique